Sept. 2004
Meeting Minutes

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-September 2004

September 21, 2004

The meeting was held at Town of Davie Town Hall, Pioneer Room and those in attendance included: Nicholas Maniatis, Julie Aitken, Michelle Bryson, Joyce Steward, Fred Segal, Karen Stenzel-Norwicki, Marcie Nolan, Michael Bartlett, Linda Greck and Mike Orfanedes.

Minutes reviewed and approved for September 14, 2004.

FIU Workshop Discussion: September 22, 2004 - leave at 12:30 PM from Town Hall - Carpool - Fred and Karen

October 4, 2004 Monday evening meeting:

  • Speakers: Peg McPherson, Amy Condon, Mildred Majoria
  • Public info sheet good, but use bullet style for info rather than paragraph form.

Agenda format - October 4, 2004 meeting

  • 7:00 - 7:15 PM - Welcome and Intro of each Land Trust participant/Interim Board/Purpose of meeting - handout with Mission Statement and how we do it.
  • 7:25 PM - Video presentation
  • 7:40 PM - Speakers
  • Recruitment - Volunteers/Willing Property Owners
  • Flyer - Needs Headline which is attention grabbing - "Preserve Davie Area Green Space and Agricultural Lands".
  • Handout with bullet
  • Progress Report - Update by Organization
  • Commitment by group
  • 7:55 PM - Video presentation (transfer to DVD by Mike)
  • Amy Condon/Mildred Majora (TPL - Success is S. Florida)
  • 8:10 PM - Question and Answer
  • 8:30 PM - Recruitment/Follow-up -
  • Promo: Help Preserve Davie's Rural Character
  • Recruitment: Volunteers, willing property owners, attendance form, membership form, solititation form - follow-up contact
  • Bev's/Snacks - Homemade baked goods, fruit/cheese, Water, Coffee, Tea

On Public Info form at meeting include a space for suggestion, possible land parcels.

Also, use website for this type info to be forwarded to Land Trust via website.

October 4th Promo -

  • Press Release: Sun-Sentinel, Herald: "What's Coming Up". Must meet deadline NOW
  • Website: link from Town's website
  • Flyer : Post at Banford, business
  • Use colored paper, incorporate flyer for Labor Splash and Public info meeting, change heading.
  • Outreach to Organizations: Trail Riders, Marcia Larkin, Agrarian Committee, Environmental Group - Audubon, Sierra Club, Equestrian BMP list, Comcast, Old Davie School, Ad in paper, OSAC, E-mail to Town.

Next Meeting:

  • 1. Decide who will make snacks at next meeting
  • 2. Decide who will pick-up flyers
  • 3. Board of Directors Selection Process
    • -extend time for accepting resumes
    • -Start by-laws for board select process which is part of 501C3.
  • 4. 501C3 Status- May have attorneys and accountants to offer services pro-bono or for small fee.
  • 5. Other - Consideration of helping Old Davie School parcel.
  • 6. Meet with Constance - Old Davie School: Mike and Fred

Consideration of helping farmers and other cons.


Adjourn at 1:15 PM

September 28, 2004

The meeting was held at Town of Davie Town Hall, Pioneer Room and those in attendance included: Joyce Steward, Karen Stenzel-Norwicki, Judy Paul, Two Step, Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Marcie Nolan, Mike Orfanedes, Nick Maniatis, Linda Greck, Elaine Gennaro and David Notman.

Conservation Easement Workshop: 9/22/04

  • Redlands
  • Urban Growth Boundary Line

Cypress Gardens - Discussion of:

PowerPoint handout from Conservation Easement Workshop

10/4 Meeting Promo:

  • -Flyers (everyone)
  • -Sentinel will give attention to placement of meeting info of October 4, 2004 (L. Greck)
  • -Miami Herald (L. Greck?)
  • -Landscape Inspectors’ Assn. of FL (Mike O.)
  • -FNGLA (F. Segal)
  • -Trail Riders (L. Greck)
  • -Environmental Groups - Phil Busey(?)
  • -Tee Shirt Sales (at rear): Michelle B and ?
  • - Free Packets of Veg. and Flower Seed compliments of Broward Co. Farm Bureau: Fred S
  • - Name tags for Interim Board (offered as donation by Vice Mayor Paul)

10/4 Meeting Duties & Responsibilities:

  • -Greeters: TBD
  • -Master of Ceremony – Nick M. (welcome, introductions incl. Interim Bd., staff, Councilmembers, etc.)
  • -Facilitator – Mike O. (lights, make sure program stays on track, logistics, etc.)
  • -Presenters: Amy Condon & Mildred Majoros, TPL (local success stories) and Peg McPherson, SFWMD & local historian (what’s possible for Davie); need speaker biographies;
  • Video – Mike B. (7 – 10 minutes out of entire 20 minute video)
  • Questions and Answers – Have panel (speakers plus Nick M, Julie A. and Karen S. with Mike O. as recorder;

10/4 Meeting Recruitment:

  • -“Nab Em” Questionnaire/Contact Card: Judy P., Joyce S. and Joe; Joyce;
  • Joyce S. on card be sure to:
  • 1. add: “I am interested in receiving more information……”;
  • 2. change bullets to check line;
  • 3. add: “Interested in becoming a charter member?”
  • 4. add: “would like to pledge $______________”
  • 5. Be sure to stress donation pledges will be forthcoming upon solicitation when tax deductible 501C3 status granted.

10/4 Meeting – Refreshments:

  • - Nick M.: Cookies, Sweet ‘N Low, Coffee Urn
  • - Joyce S.: Brownies
  • - Linda G.: Coffee
  • - Judy P.: Case of Water
  • - Karen S.: Cups and Drinks
  • - Julie A: Fruit or Cheese?
  • - Mike: Cooler, Ice and Napkins

10/4 Meeting - Handouts:

  • -Agenda - Mike will do for October 4th
  • - Copies of Trust for Public Lands Conservation Easement Powerpoint handout


  • -Bank Account – Need to get this set up ASAP.
  • -Sunny Lake - Can Davie Land Trust take donations earmarked for Sunny Lake? e.g. Ocala Horse Park - donations were taken, but earmarked funds have to be carefully marked in the event project items are deleted where money accepted.)