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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a land trust in the Town of Davie, Florida?
Davie's Sunny Lake Park, habitat, preservation area

Davie is rapidly losing much of its remaining unprotected open space due to development. Anticipating this, the Town has pursued a land acquisition program over the past twenty-plus years focusing on the purchase of ecologically and/or historically significant parcels. In addition, the Town has amended its code to require wider buffers and increased setbacks along selected corridors through a program known as the Rural Lifestyle Initiative. Given the intense development pressure and skyrocketing land values, further direct purchase of additional parcels by the Town has become cost prohibitive. The consensus is that a new approach, in this case a land trust, is needed.

What is a land trust and how do they work?
Davie's Robbins Lodge Park with Royal Poinciana in full bloom

In a nutshell, a land trust is a local, state, or regional nonprofit organization directly involved in protecting land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historical, or productive value. A land trust works by identifying property owners wishing to preserve their property either as farmland or open space. Working in conjunction with such individuals, the land trust helps to make a determination of the value of their property and then explores specific arrangements under which the transaction could occur. Examples include direct purchase, donation, establishment of a conservation easement (with compliance monitoring) and partnership with private and governmental conservation agencies. Whichever route is chosen, the owner agrees that the property will be maintained as open space in perpetuity, and surrenders the right to sell to future speculative interests. In return, the property owner receives significant tax relief because the property is no longer worth its market value. The beauty of this concept is that the present use of the land- whether it be agricultural, recreational, or passive- may continue unencumbered. The land trust concept has caught on like wildfire and there are over 900 land trusts operating in all parts of the nation.

How will our land trust be organized and who will manage it?
Royal Poinciana along a Davie Florida horse trail

The Davie Area Land Trust Board of Directors, comprised of a diverse array of individuals all of whom share a passion for and commitment to preservation of the Davie Rural Lifestyle, manages and organizes. The Board set goals, plans and monitors projects, manages fund raising, program promotion, conservation easement negotiation, and conservation easement monitoring in addition to other duties.

Are my contributions tax-deductible?
A Davie Florida canal and waterway

Yes. The Davie Area Land Trust, Inc, is a Florida non-profit corporation with Federal 501(c)(3) status. We are not attorneys and cannot furnish tax advice so please consult your attorney or financial advisor.

How do I become a member?
Davie's West Ridge Park, along Nob Hill Road

Please use our membership form at https://davielandtrust.com/get_involved.html You can contact us by email as well at gotland@davielandtrust.com