About Davie Land Trust

Protect Open Space!

Davie, Florida

Davie Florida wetland preservation mitigation

Davie's rich store of open space and parkland sets us apart from other South Florida communities.

open space in Davie Florida at Robbins Park

Conservation easements and community involvement preserve open space for future generations.

Davie Florida wetland preservation

Wetland preservation preserves habitat, provides scenic vistas, enhances our daily lives, and encourages responsible conservators.

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Parks and Open Space

Davie currently has around 800 acres of parks.

Some parks are multi-use, some are for more passive activities.

Horse trails and bike paths remain a Town of Davie priority.

Some Points of Interest
  • Robbins Park Free
  • Van Kirk Free
  • Silver Lake Free
  • Vista View Free
  • Owls Lookout Free
  • Flamingo Gardens Paid

Board members

Davie Land Trust Board member and Officer Marcie Nolan
Marcie Nolan

In Memoriam - Former Chair, Founding Member

Davie Area Land Trust Board member and President John Ladue
John LaDue


Davie Area Land Trust Board member and officer Fred Segal from the Farm Bureau
Fred Segal


Land Trust Board member and Davie Mayor Judy Paul
Judy Paul