Oak Park

Flamingo Road, west side, north of Griffin, custom home development

Oak Park Conservation Easement

One of the conservation easement areas managed by the Davie Area Land Trust at Oak Park, Davie, Florida

The Oak Park development on Flamingo Road contains several areas preserved as open space under the terms of a conservation easement, an easement managed by your Davie Area Land Trust.

Conservation area at Oak Park, Davie, Florida, protected by the Davie Area Land Trust

Managing a conservation easement means regular inspecting and monitoring to ensure the terms of the easement remain in effect in perpetuity.

Aerial view of Oak Park Conservation Easement provided by Pillar Consultants, Davie, Florida

(click image for larger version)

Pillar Consultants,a Davie based engineering, consulting, and general contractor kindly donated the time and effort required to provide the Davie Area Land Trust with these overlays of aerial pictures of our conservation easements. Visit the Pillar Consultants website here.

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Oak Park Pictures March 2019

Oak Park- from west side, looking east

Oak Park West Side

Another view from the west end, looking east.

West side, looking east

Oak Park Land Trust Conservation Easement Davie Florida March 2019

Looking east towards Flamingo

The conservation easement at the entrance or east side of Oak Park Davie Land Trust consservation easement

The conservation easement area at the entrance, east side.

Oak Park- looking west from the entrance area

Oak Park East Side

Another view of the west end conservation easement at Davie Florida Oak Park.

Oak Park Conservation Area

Oak Park central area conservation easement

Central area of Oak Park

Central Oak Park easement, looking north

Another view of the central area conservation easement.