Davie Land Trust

Davie Land Trust
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Davie Land Trust Brochure

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Davie's Sunny Lake Park, habitat, preservation area

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Thanks to Cherrielet Paisa from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, who designed our logo. The Davie Area Land Trust relies on volunteer efforts, donations, and donations-in-kind to protect and preserve Davie's open spaces. Our brochure introduces some of our goals and efforts to date, and we hope it and the images it contains inspire you to help preserve Davie's rural heritage and habitat.

Robbins Lodge Poinciana
Davie's Robbins Lodge Park with Royal Poinciana in full bloom

A regal Royal Poinciana in full bloom in 2016- the value of open space and preservation to Davie residents who enabled this park insured scenes like this will engage our residents and visitors forever. Poincianas bloom in early summer in vibrant shades of red, and more rarely, orange or gold. All are spectacular introductions to our summers. We hear South Florida has no seasons- if you know what to look for, the seasons stand out just like in a less temperate climate.  

Davie's West Ridge Park
Davie's West Ridge Park, along Nob Hill Road