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Davie, Florida

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In 1942, the Broward County Farm Bureau was established, and for over 62 year has been an integral part of the agricultural community, bringing farmers, ranchers and nurserymen together to solve issues collectively, providing a voice in local, county, state, and federal government. Broward Farm Bureau studies and promotes better cultural and research practices, product quality improvement, improved marketing methods and market stabilization.

We also provide educational programs in schools and to the general public about agriculture.

Today, the Broward County Farm Bureau has over 5,000 members.

The Governor Leroy Collins Farm Park celebrates the rural history of the Town of Davie while educating the community to the important role agriculture plays in our everyday life and in creating a more sustainable world for tomorrow.

LTA is the national convener, strategist and representative of more than 1,300 land trusts across America. The Davie Area Land Trust is a member of the LTA and our adherence to its standards and practices is part of our bylaws.

South Florida Trail Riders of Broward County, Inc., is an organization of people and horses dedicated to having good, clean fun – where people of all ages and horses of all breeds can make friends while enjoying the outdoors and searching for adventure. We encourage the expansion, construction, and preservation of scenic, designated equestrian trails and riding facilities. We promote an active interest in equestrian activities and support equestrian legislation. We aid and encourage the development of our youth with the belief that service to others will advance the well-being of our children, our families, our community, and the world.

Broward County Audubon Society fosters conservation through local, regional, national and global environmental advocacy and activities throughout South Florida, with an emphasis on birds, other wildlife and their habitats.

Welcome to NatureScape Broward, a vision for the community that starts in your own backyard. NatureScape is about creating Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality, and create wildlife habitat.

The Town of Davie official website. Davie proposed and provided the initial funding for the Davie Area Land Trust and continues to promote Davie's rural and agricultural heritage through many initiatives, including the Parks and Recreation Department, and the Davie Farm Park.

How we can all help preserve and protect trees and all they provide- shade and shelter, and the very air we breathe. Good information for young people interested in preserving forests and trees and the environment with some good suggestions on how we can all help. Link suggested by Dennis after doing research on conservation. Thank you!

Davie Area Land Trust

Preserving open space, habitat, and promoting the rural lifestyle in Davie, Florida