October 2004

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-October 2004

October 12, 2004

The meeting was held at Town of Davie Town Hall, Pioneer Room and those in attendance included: Karen Stenzel-Nowicki, Michelle Bryson, David Notman, Judy Paul, Two Step, Doris Monier, Margaux Monier, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Kelly Nichols , Luke Lancaster and Marcie Nolan.

Open meeting with review of 10/4/04 Meeting:

  • Guests: Kelly Nichols, Luke Lancaster and Doris Monier
  • ##Review of minutes
  • Discussion of mitigation with developers to acquire land.
  • Example: Southern Homes
  • SW 58th Avenue
  • ##SW Ranches is interested in Davie Area Land Trust
  • ##Status of Bank Account: Checking Account started with Wachovia Bank
  • Bank needs copy of articles on incorporation

501C Status

  • - Have 15 months from August 14, 2004 (Date of article of Inc.)
  • - Have an accountant who does "Not-for-Profit Specialist"
  • - Rob Lyons
  • - $500 IRS filing fee
  • - Once submitted, 2 months to get back from IRS
  • - $1,000 - $1,500 account fee
  • - Need 501C3 status prior to getting solicitation status
  • - Once 501C3 status received must set up books immediately (and recommend having an accounting firm do this).
  • - Grou and Co. 0 accounting firm who town uses for audit
  • - Mr. Lyons advised we can take money now.

Sunny Lake

  • - can residents contribute money earmarked to Trust?
  • - Can money be put into Land Trust account as a vehicle?
  • - Discussion brought up that trust is not that far along and does not have criteria.

PR and Future Outreach Ideas:

  • - Give away stickers
  • - Halloween Party - October 30th - have table for T-shirt sale
  • - Karen and Michelle would be willing to be there.
  • - Bike Rally - November 6th
  • - Replant Broward Giveaway
  • -October 8th - Everglades Restoration - many public officials - info was given out on Land Trust held at Western Regional Park.
  • - Michelle has computer program for door hangers and flyers.
  • - "CNN" Newsmakers - 11/5 Friday, Channel 25
  • Judy Paul - early morning or late afternoon
  • - Another Idea: Sierra Club offers time for group presentations

Project Selection Criteria:

  • ##Preliminary Discussion
  • - Use mission statement as part of criteria selection
  • - Develop a plan and criteria prior to any specific sites
  • - Need to spend time in info gathering
  • - Time is of the essence re: available parcels

Can we start applying for grants?

  • - Not until the 501C3 status is obtained.
  • - We need to set a time line to get 501C3 done and begin grant search and writing.
  • - Someone should begin looking for grants we may be eligible to apply for.

Other Items:

  • Guest Kelly Nichols - Black Olive Nurseries - Is interested and wants to save our open space and discourage developers.
  • Got Land T-Shirts:
  • - $5.80 per shirt cost (32 ordered)
  • - 18 left
  • - Put sale on website
  • - Copyright logo "Got Land"? There is a difference between copyright and trademark.
  • T-Shirt:
  • - Davie Area Land Trust - front
  • - Logo and URL - back
  • - Make presentation during announcements at Wednesday Rodeos. Can we get banner?
  • Will Board adopt for one year Standards and Practices of TPL; need a resolution?
  • - Motion made (it is on our website)
  • Once a month Monday evening meeting place discussed
October 19, 2004

The meeting was held at Town of Davie Town Hall, Community Room and those in attendance included: Nick Maniatis, Karen Stenzel-Nowicki, Dawn Basso (Kelly Nichols, David Notman, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Barry Heimlich w/Broward Audubon (), Marcie Nolan, Doris Monier, Julie Aitken, Michael Bartlett, Mike Orfanedes, Constance Savory (Old Davie School), Joyce Steward, Michelle Bryson, Judy Paul and Two Step.

Open meeting with review of 10/12/04 meeting notes--comment made re: minutes included a motion - who made it, who 2nded it?

Discussion of info. from accountant, Rob Lyons

  • Budget, Revenue and Expenses Chart
  • - 2004
  • - 2005
  • - 2006
  • - Question re: limits of 2004 are too high since there is only 2 1/2 months left in year;
  • -As of next Friday, $2,500. transfer to account--Land Trust;
  • - Need checks for $500 and payment to accountant for 501C(3);

Monday Evening Committee Meetings –

  • ##Should 11/1 meeting be held due to election on 11/2?
  • ##November 1st is available @ Robbins Lodge;
  • ##Ideas shared—consensus to cancel for Nov. and start on 12/6.
  • ##Evening meeting should be same as format for day-time meeting;
  • ##Try for first Monday of month at Robbins Lodge for 2005: 1/3/05, 2/7/05, 3/7/05, 4/4/05, etc.

Public Relations:

  • ##Always use sign-in sheet at meetings with contact info., e-mails to reach those attending;
  • ##Hot Opportunities
  • - Wachovia - Anthony there will do some PR;
  • - T-shirts
  • -Broward County Fair

Project Selection Criteria – Brainstorming Session:

  • ##Check into Broward County PDR application for list of selection criteria;
  • ##Revisit mission statement for primary criteria;
  • ##Consider land use categories: Agricultural uses presently zoned AG and A-1; what about “rural ranch” designation as used in SW Ranches?
  • ##Land either zoned AG or currently being used for agricultural purposes, hobby farms (Note: Davie does not have AG on its Land Use Map, rather it uses R-1);
  • ##Consider conservation easement on residential R-1; can consider preserving due to potential over-development via re-development (e.g. a huge home on a smaller parcel).
  • ##Environmental qualities?
  • ##Wildlife habitat?
  • ##Contiguous, participating properties—provide for signage to acknowledge efforts to create a cooperative land preservation project;
  • ##Inherent cultural and/or historical value?
  • ##Size, does it matter?
  • ##Archeologically significant?
  • ##Scenic profile or viewscape?
  • ##Sustainable land management practices possible?
  • ##Location?
  • Develop a ranking system of criteria with points awarded each category.

For Next Meeting:

  • E-mail in advance "criteria" to members for feedback;