October 2005

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-October-November 2005

October 3, 2005

Meeting Called to Order: 7:10 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Fred Segal.

Introduction: by all attendees. A background of DALT was given to the new interested residents.

Bond Update - Fred advised that the Davie Open Space Bond referendum was passed by a 60% to 39% margin. Discussion followed regarding the status of the purchase of land for a farm park.

Procedures for election of board members and officers at annual meeting November 7- Michelle Bryson Johnson has resigned from the board. Mike Orfanedes has resigned from the board. They were designated as 1 year board members. It was suggested that the terms of board members be staggered in 1 year, 2 year and 3 year terms for the remaining 9 members. Names were placed on separate papers and placed in a basket. The non-members attending drew names for those terms. The result was:

  • 1 up for re-election in 2005 for a 3-year term – Joyce Steward
  • 4 up for re-election in 2006 for a 3-year term – Julie Aitken, Sam Scott, Nick Maniatis, Doris Monier
  • 4 up for re-election in 2007 for a 3 year term – Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Michael Bartlett, Joe Phillips
  • Interested members may submit their names to the secretary, Joyce Steward, prior to November 7, 2005, for a seat on the Board of Directors. Officers will be elected by the Board members following the election.

Membership committee - Committee Chair Scott invited the new attendees to join DALT. Fred suggested a new membership challenge with a deadline of Thanksgiving. The Farm Bureau will donate a basket to be given to a name drawn. Each person bringing in a new member will have their names placed in the drawing.

Minutes approved: for September 12 meeting. Motion by Michael Bartlett, second by Sam Scott.

Treasurers Report – not available

Mailing Address - After discussion regarding changing the mailing address to a PO Box, it was decided that it would remain as is since letterhead and envelopes were just printed.

Meeting adjourned: 8:10 p.m

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance; Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Joyce Steward, Sam Scott, Cindy Lawson, Charlene and Kenny Wells, LaVonia Olson, Ken Cohen, John Ladue

October 11, 2005

Meeting Called to Order: 12:25 p.m. at Town Hall Community Room by Chair Linda Greck.

Minutes approved with corrections: for October 3, 2005, meeting. Motion by Fred Segal, second by Mike Bartlett.

Treasurer’s Report - Balance reported of approximately $1,600.00. No response from IRS regarding 501C3 to this date. A check written for payment of t-shirts was returned for wrong address and has been resent.

Discussion regarding upcoming DALT elections. A formal resignation from Michelle Bryson Johnson is needed if that is her desire. A letter will be drafted by Chair Greck and mailed by Secretary Steward to all interested parties in the DALT database announcing the annual meeting and election on November 7, 2005 including that agenda.

Motion made: by Fred Segal and seconded by Mike Bartlett to change the time for the annual meeting from 6:00 p.m. stated in the by-laws to 7:00 p.m.

Discussion held to list items for annual meeting agenda. Invitation will be extended to Will Abberger of TPL for speaking engagement with offer of lodging for that night.

Attendees reviewed a membership database computer program offered by Michael Bartlett. A decision will be made at a future meeting for program to be used.

Fred Segal will have information at October 25 meeting regarding credit card use on the website and rebates from businesses.

Discussion was held regarding a parcel of property in Cooper City that had contacted DALT for options to preserve the land. It was decided that a follow-up call would be made to advise that DALT could not purchase the property and offering suggestions of where they could research information for conservation easements or donations.

Meeting adjourned: 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

Attendees: Linda Greck, Marcie Nolan, Fred Segal, Judy Paul, Two Step, Joyce Steward, Michael Bartlett, Nick Maniatis

November 8, 2005

Meeting Called to Order at 12:10 p.m. at Lum’s Restaurant in Davie.

Status Annual Meeting – Chair Greck announced that a phone vote had been taken of the Board members to postpone the Annual Meeting from November 7 to December 5, 2005. Hurricane Wilma had closed Robbins Lodge for clean-up and repairs. Many members did not have power restored to their homes and needed to be available to their families.

Minutes Approved - Michael Bartlett made motion and Fred Segal seconded.

Discussion was held regarding the delivery of mail at Town Hall. Marcie Nolan will inquire about a better system for DALT mail


Treasurer’s Report – status remains the same


  • - membership database program
  • - mailing of agricultural property owners’ letters
  • - bond referendum update - Town has appointed a staff committee to establish parameters for the spending of the bond funds
  • - speakers for future meetings
  • - power point presentation for DALT
  • - possibility of DALT taking ownership of the bond pac domain name and site

Meeting adjourned – 1:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Marcie Nolan, Michael Bartlett, Fred Segal, Doris Monier, Linda Greck, Joyce Steward, Eduardo Tkacz

November 22, 2005

Meeting Called to Order 12:06 pm at Davie Community Room.

Minutes approval for November 8, 2005 was postponed until the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance approximately $2,000 in checking account.


  • Letters to agricultural property owners status pending
  • Bond referendum task force has been established by town Council resolution to draft criteria for the expenditure of the funds from the bond. The task force will consist of 2 members each from the Davie Area Land Trust, Open Space Advisory Committee, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and the Environmental and Water Quality Advisory Board. Suggestion made that DALT representatives be selected at the next meeting.
  • Verbal communication has taken place between Rob Lyons, the accountant that was paid for the 501c3 application and Fred Segal. No resolution to the invoice discrepancy. IRS has not sent approval of 501c3 yet.
  • Attendees viewed the powerpoint presentation prepared by Michael Bartlett. It will be used as a basis for appearances at HOA and other organizational meetings.
  • The Davie Residents for Open Space is willing to donate the domain name of www.davieopenspace.com to DALT for future use and DALT has accepted.
  • It was decided by the attending board members that the signboards will not be put out for annual meeting on December 5 since the space for the meeting is limited at the Farm Bureau. A decision had been made by Chair Greck following Hurricane Wilma that, since Robbins Lodge might not be usable by December 5, an alternative location needed to be secured. Fred Segal generously offered the facilities at the Farm Bureau Davie office.
  • Motion Passed - Michael Bartlett made a motion and Judy Paul seconded to appoint Fred Segal as one of the bond fund task force representatives from DALT.

Meeting adjourned 1:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In attendance: Judy Paul, Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Linda Greck, Doris Monier, Joyce Steward