May 2005

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-May 2005

May 2, 2005

Meeting called to Order by Chairman Linda Greck at 7:10 pm at Robbins Lodge

Minutes approved for April 26, 2005.

Treasurer’s Report: Corporate report sent to Tallahassee for annual filing. Approved bylaws and amended Articles of Incorporation for 501c3 submission sent to Rob Lyons, CPA.

Old Business:

  • Michael Bartlett advised that 1 inquiry had been received on the website and would be forwarded to the membership committee.
  • Discussion was held on possibilities for membership materials; i.e. 10% discount from local businesses for members, membership cards, thank you letter.
  • Linda Greck and Joyce Steward will print color letterhead letters from their computers.

PR Committee report - Nov 12 set for a booth at Anne Kolb Park for Give Thanks for Environment Day. Members are researching the possibility of the fee being waived for Water Matters Day booth. Doris Monier on leave of absence for the summer and will be in touch via email. The Town staff will be contacted for participation in the 4th of July program.

Finance committee report - grant research options are ongoing

Projects Committee report – parcels of land adjoining Sigars were discussed since the lychee trees continue on those properties. The Postlewaite and Munson families will be contacted to stay in communication regarding their properties.

Honorary board letter discussion postponed until May 10 meeting.

Gainesville conference materials not available yet.

Bond referendum will appear on council agenda May 4 for 1st reading.

Regarding soliciting for members, Dr. Scott suggested the DALT develop a media kit on the theme of Who we are – What we do – What we want to do with you – What are the benefits to you. Members will contact HOA for presentations at their meetings. The owners of property with agriculture exemptions in Davie area will be contacted.

Discussion was again held regarding holding a social hour.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

May 10, 2005

Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Linda Greck at 12:15 pm at Community Room of Town Hall

Treasurer’s Report – Balance in checking account $3,730.94. Membership database in progress.

Minutes approved for May 2, 2005

Old Business:

  • Contact will be made to Davie events office to secure a booth at the Town’s July 4th program
  • The status of the Sigars and Nichols properties was updated and discussed.
  • A draft of a letter by Linda Greck to be mailed to owners of agriculture exempted property in the Davie area was reviewed by attendees. Julie Aitken is compiling a list of those owners and upon completion of the list, a letter will be sent from DALT.
  • A draft of a membership card by Linda Greck was presented for discussion. A laminating machine will be purchased in order to send all members a card with a professional appearance.
  • Motion to approve the letter draft for new members passed.
  • Motion to add the dollar amount contributed to the letter passed.

New Business:Mike Orfanedes suggested a representative from another Florida land trust be obtained as a speaker for the July Monday night meeting. Since July 4 is a holiday and the first Monday, the meeting will be rescheduled to Monday, July 11, at Robbins Lodge.

Meeting adjourned 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

May 24, 2005

Meeting Called to order 12:12 p.m by Chairman Linda Greck at Davie Town Hall Community Room.

Minutes Approved for May 10, 2005 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance remains the same at last report. $500 check paid to IRS for the application of 501C3 status has not been presented for payment as of this date. An invoice has been received from the CPA for his services for $1,500. Motion passed for Treasurer Fred Segal to write a letter to the CPA requesting a breakdown of charges and a request for him to revise his fees to a lower amount.

Old Business –

  • Joyce Steward advised that a contract had been executed for the Sigars property. The buyer was unknown at this time. Mike Orfanedes would attempt to contact TPL for any information they may have.
  • Laminating machine was purchased for $40 and donated by Michael Bartlett.
  • Motion passed - Persons that have joined DALT to this date have May 1st as their effective membership date and for renewal purposes.
  • Motion passed that the draft of the membership card prepared by Chair Greck be accepted and all cards will be laminated.
  • The previously approved membership letter will be printed by Secretary Steward for all current members and sent out with the membership card and a brochure.

New Business –

  • The Board will check further on a suggestion to purchase refrigerator magnets with the “Got Land” slogan.
  • Volunteers are needed for the July 4th Town event to set up and man a booth for DALT. Chair Greck will phone attendees that had previously expressed an interest in organizing an event for DALT.
  • Mailing of the letter to agricultural property owners was postponed until the list of owners is compiled by Julie Aitken.
  • Motion passed -The Honorary Board Member letter draft was accepted and approved subject to any comments received from members not in attendance that will be sent the final draft in email form.
  • Ken Gruedens from Indian River Land Trust has agreed to speak at a June Tuesday lunch meeting or July Monday evening meeting.
  • Michael Bartlett advised that he had purchased and donated additional domain names for DALT so variations of the name would be covered.

An agenda for Monday, June 6 meeting was discussed.

Meeting adjourned 1:15 p.m.