June 2005

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-June 2005

June 6, 2005

Meeting called to order 7:20 pm at Robbins Lodge.

Minutes approved for May 24, 2005

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer absent

Projects Committee – Mike Orfanedes passed along information regarding a potential buyer looking for property for a kid’s agriculture park. A suggestion was made he might want to participate in the Farm Park being proposed for the Ryan parcel. A follow up will be attempted by the Projects committee.

PR Committee - Michelle Bryson has agreed to be coordinator for the July 4 booth. Space has been reserved for DALT.

Finance Committee- report postponed

Membership Committee – Discussed number of members and number of attendees in the past with new attendees. Names to be added to the list of possible honorary board members to be contacted are:

  • Lee Tiger, Seminole Indian Tribe
  • Austin Forman
  • Tony Segreto
  • Steve Alamo
  • Neil Kailis
  • Troy Weekley
  • Dr. Balasky
  • Irv Rosenbaum
  • Harry Venis (contact with The Rock’s dad)
  • FPL
  • Rick Shaw
  • Rusty Hayes

Discussion regarding making contact with agriculture interest companies; i.e. Purina


  • Bond referendum:
  • MOTION PASSED Davie Area Land Trust will support the bond referendum.
  • HOA list to be developed and a schedule of presentations for their meetings.
  • Pegeen Hanrahan of TPL has agreed June 10 to meet with interested parties to help form a political committee and offer assistance with the promotion and education of the bond.


  • Recommendation that a newsletter be drafted. Michael Bartlett and Linda Greck will collaborate and present at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In attendance:

  • Mike Orfanedes
  • Eduardo Tkacz
  • Gary Vandy
  • Judy Paul
  • Two Step
  • Michael Bartlett
  • Linda Greck
  • Karen Stenzel-Nowicki
  • Nick Maniatis
  • Joyce Steward

June 14, 2005

Meeting called to order 12:10 p.m. in Town of Davie Community Room

Minutes of June 3, 2005 were requested to be changed and resubmitted at June 28, 2005 meeting with a sentence regarding a letter being sent directly to the Sigars from DALT added.

Minutes of June 6 approved.

Treasurer’s Report - $3,669.69 balance with $500 check to IRS and $1500 check to CPA outstanding

Projects Committee – A letter sent by DALT to Mrs. Sigars and her family was sent registered mail and a return receipt was signed by Wini Sigars. Davie Town staff was drafting a letter to be sent to the real estate agent listing the property.

Marcie Nolan received a call from the agent and the potential buyers visited the town to review what the Town would require for development of the property. They were advised that the trees were of a concern and would anticipate the potential buyer would work with the Town.

PR Committee –Michelle Bryson is requesting volunteers offer their time for manning the booth at the July 4th event at Bamford Park. An interior spot was secured by Michelle.

Membership committee – Letters to new members and membership cards are being sent as payments are processed.

Finance Committee – No report

New Business – Dr. Scott suggested a work plan be established with DALT’s objectives. Also discusssed was reforming the committees. Attendees felt action should be postponed until after the Indian River Trust representative shared information with us on June 28 how their trust progressed.

Michelle Bryson informed the DALT that the miscommunication that took place regarding the purchase of t-shirts with the vendor had caused major problems. Linda Greck suggested she would send a letter of apology to the vendor and hope that would improve the situation.

Bond referendum update – interested parties are welcome to join a political committee being formed. Time is very short to promote and educate the Davie citizens regarding the importance of this issue.

Meeting adjourned 1:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance:

  • Julie Aitken
  • Linda Greck
  • Fred Segal
  • Michelle Bryson
  • Joyce Steward
  • Dr. Scott

June 28, 2005

Meeting called to Order 12:15 p.m. Davie Town Hall community room.

Minutes approved for June 14, 2005

Treasurer’s Report – additional $335 added to account from new memberships

July 4th Event – Michelle Johnson is still seeking volunteers to man the booth at Pine Island Park

Excerpts from guest speaker Ken Grudens, Indian River Land Trust Executive Director:

  • Trust was started in 1990 with an eye to purchase and restore McKee Botanical Gardens. McKee was the inventory of the trust until the fall of 2003 when the Indian River Land Trust spun off and began on its own.
  • Their mission statement is three-fold – protect and link special lands thru conservation easements and purchases; provide education for the appropriate use of lands; promote sound land use and growth management in the county.
  • Their first project was to develop an outline plan; what they wanted to accomplish, where they wanted to be and how to accomplish those goals. In July, 2004, Mr. Grudens was hired along with an office manager. His first task was to develop a 6 month roadmap of short term plans. Next came a 3 to 5 year strategic plan. Their group began with $10 million from grants and donations. The primary source of donations is letter campaigns. They enlisted the help of a fundraising company and a computer program from fundraisersoftware.com. The letter writing campaigns are successful with persistence. They have 550 members and mail 2000 pieces twice a year, Apr and December. They host a symposium for agriculture property owners, real estate agents, and attorneys. They reached out to the local polo and saddle club for support and joined the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • They also send a newsletter to the membership plus town council members, planning and zoning staff and influential residents.
  • Their annual budget is approximately $172,000. A grant with matching fund donations was used to create a vision map for conservation. PDRs have been very effective in the Vero area. The trust partnered with an eco troop at a local elementary school to protect the property behind the school.
  • He suggested when speaking with property owners, ask the questions “What is your conservation vision?” and “What are your needs?” He encouraged presentations to social organizations and HOAs and the use of the attorney from Land Trust Alliance once we can become members.

A wonderful lunch was provided by Nick Maniatis and Joe Phillips.

Meeting adjourned 1:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Michelle Johnson, Fred Segal, Judy Paul, Joe Phillips, Nick Maniatis,Joyce Steward, Linda Greck, Marcie Nolan, Mike Orfanedes and guest Ken Grudens.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary