July-December 2006

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-July-December 2006

July 18, 2006

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER 11:55 a.m. in Community Room Davie Town Hall


The long awaited 501c3 status has finally been approved by the IRS. The effective date is August, 2004. Judy Paul graciously donated a cake to celebrate this auspicious occasion. This status affords DALT the opportunity to move forward in many promising directions. Thanks to all who helped complete the paperwork for this accomplishment.

Braulio Rosa, Davie’s Public Information Officer, took photos and taped interviews with the Board members in attendance for use on Davie TV and in the Davie Update.

Minutes approval for June 20, 2006 meeting is postponed to the next meeting.

Presentation by Jeff Davidson for the processing of credit cards. Summaries of the 2 presentations made to DALT and information from PayPal will be presented at the August meeting for a vendor selection.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Segal advised that another invoice for payment was received from the CPA firm submitting our application for the 501c3. Mr. Segal will contact the firm and discuss waiving this charge. $53.50 in cash received from donations at the July 4th event was presented to Mr. Segal for deposit along with a new membership from Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson.

Press Release – Chair Greck will draft a press release to announce the DALT 501c3 status in the media. Mrs. Greck will contact the webmaster, Michael Bartlett, for a notice to be posted on the website.

Open Space Bond Update – All district meetings have been held and willing seller letters have been sent out by the Town to those owners selected at the district meetings.

Land Trust Alliance has invited DALT to participate in a new survey. This will be discussed at the August meeting.

Labor Day Event - volunteers are needed to staff the DALT table at the Labor Day Splash on Monday, September 4 at Pine Island Park. It is time for some new volunteers to step up and give of their time. Call any one of the Board members, leave an email message on the website or, better yet, come to the next meeting.

Next meeting – regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, August 7 at Robbins Lodge. More celebration for the 501c3 status.

Meeting adjourned 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Judy Paul, Ken Cohen, Two Step, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Joyce Steward

August 7, 2006

Meeting Called to Order – 7:05 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Chair Greck.

Minutes Approved - June 20, 2006 and July 18, 2006. Motion Fred Segal, 2nd Judy Paul.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance in checking account $4,738.50.

Review of credit card vendors – postponed until next meeting.

LAND TRUST ALLIANCE – request for response to a survey. Chair Greck directed to complete and return to LTA. With the 501c3 status, DALT may now join LTA and a Motion was made by Judy Paul, 2nd by Joyce Steward to pay the $225 to join. Approved. DALT had discussed adopting LTA Standards and Practices many months ago and if there are minutes available to reflect that, they will be included in the application.

September meeting – to be held on September 11 because of the Labor Day holiday. Roy Rogers will be the speaker and the meeting will be held at Robbins Lodge.

Update on Open Space Bond – Joyce Steward indicated Davie staff has sent ‘willing seller’ letters to owners of property identified at the district meetings throughout the town as being of interest for acquisition. Attendees were advised to watch for Open Space Advisory Committee agendas and public meetings when properties will be reviewed.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF 501C3 – DALT is now a 501c3 corporation with an effective date of August 2004. All donations – cash, property or in-kind – are tax deductible.

Grants - Dr. Scott volunteered to research possible grants that DALT may apply for. A grant workshop offered by Broward County on August 14 thru 18 was discussed but the cost was prohibitive for any members to attend. An attendee offered to help with information regarding free classes and seminars for grant writing.

Labor Day Splash – volunteers are needed to man the DALT table at this event. Dr. Scott, Michael Bartlett and Joyce Steward have volunteered. More volunteers are needed. The hours are 10 am to 4 pm.

Conference - Chair Greck was invited by TPL’s Will Abberger to participate in a land trust conference as a panel member in Jacksonville, FL, November 1 thru 3, 2006. Motion made by Judy Paul, 2nd by Eduardo Tkacz to pay Chair Greck’s expenses: $119 per night lodging, $150 registration fee, airline flight. Approved. It will provide a valuable opportunity for networking and establishing DALT presence.

Press release draft approved - Motion by Judy Paul, 2nd by Fred Segal. Information will be released to newspaper, radio, TV, Comcast regarding DALT receiving the 501c3 status.

Suggestions were offered for a launch party event and future fundraisers.

2007 Meeting Schedule – Motion by Fred Segal, 2nd by Judy Paul to maintain the current schedule of meetings: first Monday evening and 3rd Tuesday lunch meeting. Approved.

Cash from the sale of 2 tee shirts was turned in by Mr. Tkacz

Meeting Adjourned – Motion by Judy Paul, 2nd Fred Segal at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

Attendees: Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Eduardo Tkacz, Dr. Scott, Joyce Steward, Don Pritchard, Scott Spages, Shirley Munson, Dick Postlethwaite, Annette and Monique Burn, Rena Zades, Stuart Podel, John Ladue, Dr. Christine Pellicane.

September 11, 2006

Meeting called to Order – Robbins Lodge by Chair Greck at 7:20 p.m.

A moment of silence was requested to honor the victims and their families of September 11, 2001

Chair Greck introduced the distinguished speaker, Roy Rogers, urban planning consultant with CCL Consultants. Mr. Rogers is noted for his goal of environmental and ecological approaches to planning and as a ‘founding father’ of the town of Weston. He is promoting the use of large working windmills throughout the state as an alternative energy source. Mr. Rogers offered his assistance in locating 2 windmills in the Davie open space areas – one in Robbins Park and one in the future Farm Park to be located on Shotgun Road. He advised that one windmill will be going on the grounds of Davie’s Silver Ridge Elementary School and there are some in place currently along I-95.

  • - He stated that agriculture is under siege and in order to be effective in preserving heritage and spaces, we must articulate the vision and then challenge the community to participate. He offered that the Nature Conservancy has purchased land in the State of Florida and could be very supportive in our endeavors.
  • - He has recently authored a book titled “Eastward Ho”, describing it as a guide to ‘meaningful appropriate urban development’. An informative question and answer session followed.

Minutes approved for August 7 – motion by Fred Segal, second Michael Bartlett. All approved.

Treasurer’s report – current balance is approximately $4,800. Cash collected at the Labor Day Splash totaled $37.

Credit card vendor – an email poll had been completed between meetings and with a majority of board members voting in favor of using PayPal as our vendor, Michael Bartlett had installed a shopping cart and purchased a secure certificate for $100 as an in-kind donation. Once DALT is approved by PayPal, we can begin to accept credit cards online.

Grants research – a need to identify a project and begin to submit applications for grants was discussed.

Town of Davie Halloween Event – discussion about having a presence at this event. Majority felt it was not a money raising possibility for us.

Fund-Raising – venues were discussed for fund raising events. Fred Segal advised that the Farm Bureau had acquired the rights to the Florida Horse and Ag Festival and DALT could benefit from using that as an annual event. Another event would be promoting the windmill at Robbins Preserve.

October 2 meeting – Chair Greck will check on the availability of Robbins to postpone to October 9 since the regular meeting date falls on a Jewish holiday.

November 6 annual meeting – notices will be mailed to all members and an email notice will be sent to all names on our database.

DALT phone number – options were discussed for a permanent DALT phone number. A motion was made and approved to accept a generous offer by member Stuart Podel to establish a phone line and number from his office. Motion by Judy Paul, second Eduardo Tkacz. The phone number will have a voice mail that can be accessed from anywhere to enable calls to be returned

Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Stuart Podel, Richard Postlewaite, Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Samuel Scott, Eduardo Tkacz, Judy Paul, Linda Greck, Joyce Steward, Roy Rogers, Scott Spages, John LaDue.

October 9, 2006

Meeting Called to Order – 7:10 p.m.

Minutes Approved – Motion by Fred Segal, second Judy Paul.

Treasurer’s Report - $4,918.77 checking account balance

Credit Card Vendor - PayPal made test deposits of $.07 and $.20 on new account

Phone Messages – Judy Paul volunteered to monitor the voicemail for our new phone number.

Land Trust Alliance – Standards and Practices will be discussed and reviewed at the next meeting. A resolution must be signed and sent to LTA for permission to become a member.

Joyce Steward advised of a new beneficial tax regulation for conservation easements. Attempt will be made to secure a speaker that can address that deduction for the annual meeting.

Annual Meeting - Letter announcement and copy of agenda for the annual meeting taking place on November 6 at Robbins Lodge will be mailed to all of database.

Honorary board letter is being drafted by Judy Paul and Chair Greck and will be mailed shortly.

Fundraising – Pam Pelkey will be contacted to organize a committee for a fundraising event.

PLAM Conference – Chair Greck and Judy Paul will have access to great networking for connections throughout the state. Chair Greck is preparing her presentation with a power-point to generate interest in support for a project that DALT will be announcing soon.

Phone inquiry – a voicemail message left on the new phone number lead to a discussion of a 30 +/- acre parcel and any possibility that may exist for preservation. Further discussion will take place at a future meeting when more information has been obtained.

Floor was opened to attendees for questions and discussions followed.

Meeting Adjourned - 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Fred Segal, Don Pritchard, Mayor Tom Truex, Eduardo Tkacz, Linda Greck, Judy Paul, Joyce Steward, George Pfeiffer, Stuart Podel, Gabriet Acosta, Marcel Macias, John Ladue

November 6, 2006

Meeting Called to Order 7:15 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Chair Greck.

Minutes Approved for October 9, 2006. Motion by Fred Segal, 2nd Judy Paul.

Treasurer’s Report - $4,918.77 current balance in checking account. Expenses for Linda Greck and partial expenses for Judy Paul to be paid from checking for their attendance at Jacksonville conference.

Self introductions were done from board members and attendees.

Chair’s Annual Report - Chair Greck highlighted DALT accomplishments over the past year. Receiving the 501C3 status from IRS was uppermost in order for DALT to begin major fundraising and to apply for grants. She noted that DALT meetings have had a wide array of informative speakers and the goal is to continue with monthly speakers, community outreach and public education. The Davie Public Information Office has been actively promoting DALT. There has been a DALT presence at a number of events the past year, promoting membership and educating the public regarding conservation easements.

  • Chair Greck stated that her attendance at the PLAM conference was very productive. Contacts were made with environmental groups and land trust associations throughout the state. Judy Paul also felt the conference was very beneficial, particularly the information she obtained about the necessity of further preserving the Town’s open space parcels that could be in jeopardy when bonds expire. She purchased 2 books which she is donating to establish a library for DALT The Conservation Easement Tewardship Guide (designing, monitoring, and enforcing easements) Appraising Easements: Guidelines for Valuation of Land Conservation and Historic Preservation Easements

Election of Board Members and Officers

  • 4 positions on the Board of Directors expire and nominations were opened for filling those positions.
  • 1. Doris Monier – motion Joyce Steward, 2nd Judy Paul
  • 2. John LaDue - motion Judy Paul, 2nd Linda Greck
  • 3. Pam Pelkey – motion Doris Monier, 2nd Judy Paul
  • 4. position open, Board will appoint member in the near future.
  • Nominations closed. All voted in favor of nominations and new Board members were welcomed.

Officer nominations:

  • Chair – Linda Greck – motion Judy Paul, 2nd Joyce Steward
  • Vice Chair – open position
  • Secretary – Joyce Steward – motion Judy Paul, 2nd Doris Monier
  • Treasurer – Fred Segal – motion Judy Paul, 2nd Linda Greck.
  • Nominations closed. All voted in favor of nominations and new Officers were welcomed.

New Business:

  • Discussion was held regarding a redesign of DALT brochure. Contact will be made for a possible donor of design and printing.
  • Motion by Fred Segal, 2nd Judy Paul to establish a communication committee consisting of members of the executive committee to review and proceed with a new brochure and to review the website design.

Fred Segal generously donated a certificate for multiple newspaper ads for DALT to use for soliciting new members.

Motion by Joyce Steward, 2nd Judy Paul, to hold Tuesday lunch meetings only on an as needed basis. 2007 regular meetings will continue on the 1st Monday at 7:00 p.m. at Robbins Lodge.

Discussion was held regarding the new tax incentives from IRS for conservation easements. A knowledgeable professional will provide further information at a Monday meeting in the near future.

Meeting Adjourned 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Dennis Rogers, Doris Monier, Pam Pelky, John LaDue, Shirley Munson, December Haines, Phil Spedero.

December 4, 2006

Meeting called to order 7:20 p.m. at Robbins Lodge

Minutes – approval postponed to January meeting

Nominations open for Vice Chair –

  • - Doris Monier nominated Michael Bartlett, seconded by Fred Segal
  • - Nominations closed. Michael Bartlett approved as Vice Chair

Treasurer’s Report - balance remains as last reported. Check for $575 for conference attendance in Jacksonville to be presented for payment. $50 membership to be deposited.

Land Trust Alliance - resolution required by LTA for membership was previously approved. Fred Segal will submit along with application for membership.

Discussion regarding new brochure design - Pam Pelkey-Rose offered to obtain a corporate sponsor to pay the $225 cost for a professional design. John Ladue made a motion with Fred Segal second to proceed with design once check has been obtained.

Credit card update – information has not been forthcoming from Experian regarding the credit issues to satisfy PayPal. Suggestion from members that DALT move forward with another company.

Judy Paul advised that Roy Rogers has agreed to serve on DALT honorary board.

DALT is interested in obtaining speakers for meetings for 2007. Subjects of interest: Audubon Society, backyard habitats, archeological sites, South Florida Water management and possible grants.

Meeting schedule for 2007 - except for Jan and Sept, meetings will be held the first Monday of each month at Robbins Lodge. September meeting will be the 10th. January to be scheduled after check for availability with town hall.

Nick Maniatis attended briefly to announce that Joe Phillips is seriously ill and Nick and Joe would not be able to attend DALT meetings or events for an undetermined time. All our prayers and thoughts are with Nick and Joe at this difficult time.

Future scheduled events –

  • - January 22, 2007, brainstorming session at Robbins Lodge for the Davie farm park.
  • - March 24, 2007 – Water Matters Day

Meeting adjourned – 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In attendance: Judy Paul, John LaDue, Dick Postlewaite, Pam Pelkey-Rose, Doris Monier, Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Linda Greck, Joyce Steward.