February 2005

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida

Minutes-February 2005

February 7, 2005

Meeting called to order at 7 P.M. Robbins Lodge

New attendees were recognized and all attendees were introduced

Minutes from February 1 meeting approved

Reminder that some members are scheduled to attend the Art Institute for design of the logo, stationery and perhaps a brochure as an art class project.

Nick Maniatis and Joe Phillips volunteered to donate the profits from the sale of orchid plants at the DALT booth for Orange Blossom Festival to the Land Trust. Other fund raising options were discussed

Discussion was held regarding the sale and purchase of Davie lands for wetland mitigation by DOT. A vacant parcel on Hiatus Road was suggested as a possible site.

New attendees volunteered that they were drawn to the meeting by articles in the Davie Update.

A workshop by Broward County was brought to the attention of the Land Trust by Julie Aiken regarding surplus funds from the County Open Space Bond Referendum and the possibility someone from DALT might attend.

A suggestion was made by Arthur Hurley that a letter be solicited from the Trust for Public Lands showing their support now and in the future for the DALT. The letter could be used in promotional materials and in discussions with potential land donors.

Potential Honorary Board Members were proposed by attendees. A formal letter of introduction and request for membership will be drafted by Linda Greck and Judy Paul.

Possible Honorary Members: Lori Parrish, Rick Case, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Wayne Huzienga, Ronnie Bergeron, Robert Legg, Peg McPherson, Mark Schmidt, Batten family, Tim McDonald, Mickey Aronson, Rock Marian, Seminole Indian Tribe, Griffin family members, Spero Canton, Hector Garcia

A suggestion was made to hold a social function at the Sigar property and invite the potential Honorary Members.

American Heritage School in Plantation will be holding a nature function and it was suggested DALT might wish to inquire about having a booth and approach some of the parents of students there.

February 8, 2005

Meeting called to order 11:50 a.m. at Community Room Town Hall

Minutes of February 7, 2005 read and approved

All agreed the first run of the t shirts were most favorable. Further discussion determined that the new logo from the Art Institute would be added to the next order.

Linda Greck reported on the visit to the Art Institute. They agreed to have the students design a logo, letterhead and an intro brochure. March 8th Linda returns to the Institute to pick up for review and selection by DALT.

Details were discussed for a banner to be made for the Orange Blossom Festival. Joyce Steward will order 2 x 6 with ‘Davie Area Land Trust, Inc’ in 12” letters (Inc. smaller) and in 5” letters ‘Dedicated to preserving rural and natural land in the local community’ If need be, banner can be enlarged to 2x8 size. Room is to be left for a logo to be added.

A poster will also be placed in the booth and worded as follows:

Community-based not for profit organization preserving:

  • A. Rural landscape
  • B. Wildlife and natural habitat
  • C. Historic and scenic properties
  • D. Recreational opportunities
  • E. Environmental land
  • D Environmental land
  • E. Recreational opportunities

A second poster will be worded: Help Us Grow and the list of membership categories and amounts to join

Photos and aerial photos of yesteryear and today are also to be displayed.

The accountant, Rob Lyons, was not able to attend and will reschedule in 2 to 3 weeks.

Tuesday, February 15 meeting will be committee meetings together at the Community Room Town Hall to finalize details for Orange Blossom Festival.

Dr. Scott informed the group of the Southwest Broward Vegetable Growers and their success with culinary herbs and medicinal vegetables on land on Flamingo Road. A symposium is scheduled March 14, 2005, to discuss their methods and products.

A motion was made and approved to add another membership category for students at $10 per year.

Meeting adjourned 1:15 p.m.

February 15, 2005

Meeting called to order at noon in the Town Hall Community Room by Interim Chair Nick Maniatis.

Minutes of February 8, 2005 were approved with amendments

Nick Maniatis reported from Michelle Bryson, Interim Treasurer, that there was approximately $3,700 in the Land Trust account.

Regarding discussion for our participation in the Orange Blossom Festival:

  • -Joyce Steward is supplying the tent and tables for the booth and ordering the banner.
  • -Doris Monier will ride on a hayride.
  • -Judy Paul will be in a vehicle and carrying a sign for Land Trust.
  • -Linda Greck will make faces for the hand signs to cover the previous use.
  • -Fred Segal will hand out materials about the Land Trust from his Farm Bureau booth.
  • -Judy Paul is loaning a large glass water jug for loose change donations at the booth.
  • -Posters are being created by Mike Orfanedes and staff to be laminated.
  • -Nick Maniatis and Joe Phillips will be donating the profits from orchid arrangements to be sold at the booth. One or 2 larger higher priced arrangements will be sold by silent auction.
  • -Aerials are being located for the booth to show 1980s and present to emphasize the amount of land that has beendeveloped.
  • -Julie Aitken supplied photos of her farm to be used in a collage.
  • -Volunteers are still needed to be in the booth handing out materials and answering questions.

Mike Bartlett will have a slate of officers to present for voting at the February 22 meeting.

A letter draft was discussed and reworded for future dissemination to potential honorary board members. Linda Greck will make the suggested changes and bring a 2nd draft to the next meeting.

Discussion was held regarding landscape trees that Nick Maniatis is offering for sale at a discount price and the profit to go to the Land Trust. The trees must be removed from his property by the purchaser.

Meeting adjourned 1:15 p.m.

February 22, 2005

Meeting called to order 12:10 p.m.

T-SHIRTS: Further discussion about orders; agreed to request 50% off last re-order since they were still wrong. Will use the version with Land Trust name on front left chest area for now; will order new design when permanent logo is adopted.


  • -Stick signs: Linda Greck brought a draft for comment – Linda will e-mail final version to Mike Orfanedes for the Town to print out 2, 24” x 36” signs. Linda will affix to boards and deliver to Judy Paul for use in the parade.
  • -Doris will ride with Judy in the parade and hold the stick sign. After the parade, one will go to the Land Trust booth and one will go to the Fred at the Farm Bureau booth (along with supply of brochures).
  • -Banner: Joyce Steward brought the banner, measuring 2’ x 8’. The banner will be hung at the booth.
  • -Posters: Mike Orfanedes brought draft posters and the photo collage provided by Julie Aitken for comments. Final versions to be printed out by Thursday for Fred Segal to pick up and have laminated. Fred will bring them to the booth Saturday morning. Mike Orfanedes agreed to supply easels to display the posters in the booth.
  • -Aerial photos: Mike Orfanedes located some aerials of [open space in] Davie from 1998 and 2004, and will have them printed out for use along with the collage in the booth with the heading “Help Preserve Davie’s Natural Beauty.” Linda Greck suggested also providing numeric statistics to support the images and the group agreed.
  • -Money management: Michelle agreed to purchase and delivery to Joyce a locking cash box funded with $100 for change. The box will be used for money from the sale of t-shirts, from sales of Nick Maniatis’s donated orchid arrangements, and for new memberships. Judy is bringing the glass water bottle for general donations.
  • -Miscellaneous: Several members plan to supply candy for the booth; Nick agreed to bring a cooler and Michelle agreed to bring a case of water for booth staffers. Linda will gather cell phone numbers for booth staffers and remind all volunteers of their time slots.

Mike Orfanedes will be at the Tree Appreciation Day event at Robbins Lodge on Saturday, but will take a supply of Land Trust brochures to hand out to attendees of that event.


  • The Nominating Committee presented a well-prepared report and nomination slate for election of the permanent Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The vote was held and tallied, results are as follows:
  • Board of Directors:
  • --Julie Aitken
  • --Michael H. Bartlett
  • --Michelle Bryson
  • --Linda Greck
  • --Nick Maniatis
  • --Doris Monier
  • --Marcie Nolan
  • --Mike Orfanedes
  • --Dr. Samuel Scott
  • --Fred Segal
  • --Joyce Steward
  • --Joe Phillips
  • Executive Committee:
  • --Linda Greck, Chair
  • --Julie Aitken, Vice Chair
  • --Nick Maniatis, Second Vice Chair
  • --Joyce Steward, Secretary
  • --Fred Segal, Treasurer

The Executive Committee and all present voiced sincere appreciation for the invaluable contributions of all who have donated their time and energies to the formation and early operations of the Davie Area Land Trust.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.