Meeting Minutes

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida


February 11 | August 19 | October 7 | | December 2

February 11, 2019

I. Call to order: 6:38pm at Davie's Best Pizza

II. Roll Call: John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Ruth Bronisas, Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Michael H. Bartlett

III. Adopt Today's Agenda:

IV. Approval of minutes from 12/3/18 meeting:

  • Minutes approved from December 3 with one change, attendee named as Linda Segal in error, corrected to Kathleen Dempsey. Motion to approve by Ms. Greck, seconded by Mr. Bartlett, unanimous voice vote.
  • V. Treasurer's Report: Bank balance: $17,399.68; $200 yet to be deposited. Treasurer received checks from Linda Greck and Joyce M. Steward for deposit.

    Expenditures reported: Land Trust Alliance membership renewal and Annual Meeting (Dec. 3) food expense. Expenditure forecast: Uniform Business Report will be filed by Mr. Segal. Mr. Bartlett reported that a donation response letter had been mailed to Ms. Steward. Move to approve Treasurer's Report by Mr. Bartlett, seconded by Ms. Greck, unanimous voice vote.

    VI. Secretary's Report:

  • Progress identifying easements: Mr. Bartlett reported that he had obtained copies of the public records from Mr. Ladue and posted them on the website. He furnished that link to Phillip Holste at the Town of Davie, who informed him verbally that development had not started on any of the three parcels. Mr. Bartlett furnished the records to Jay Evans of Pillar Consultants, Inc, a Davie surveying firm. Mr. Evans has volunteered to help identify the parcels in layman's terms so that we can do a map and aerial overlay to publicize the easements to better inform our members; and to be able to photograph the easements for the web site and to document their condition as part of the Land Trust's maintenance responsibility. The Board approved by discussion accepting Mr. Evans' valuation on the services performed for a donation acknowledgement letter.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance: Mr. Bartlett had posted a brochure and estimate from one responding company and reported that of the five or six companies contacted this was the only one that had responded willing to provide coverage. The others declined, speculatively because of the lack of employees and low revenue. Ms. Greck suggested that we take advantage of our LTA membership to inquire with them about any options including an LTA umbrella. Mr. Segal commented that one of the drivers for this type of insurance is Directors suing each other. Mr. Bartlett will contact the LTA to research any offering prior to the next meeting.
  • VII. Old Business:

  • Ms. Greck to schedule meeting with Phillip Holste (Town of Davie administration) for details on fee structure, will schedule with Mr. Ladue as both will attend
  • Mr. Segal questioned if anything brought revenue back (point of discussion for Holste meeting)
  • Mr. Segal requested a copy of the resolution concerning the fee structure for the Oak Park easement.
  • Mr. Segal confirmed Land Trust Alliance membership renewal
  • Orange Blossom Festival
    • ---Mr. Ladue volunteered to bring available brochures
    • ---Ms. Greck suggested plants as branded items for distribution to interested parties, and mentioned that frisbees were popular, people took plants but didn't give anything back.
    • ---Will be sharing space inside the Farm Bureau tent
    • ---Coverage: Mr. Ladue will be there early, Mr. Segal all day, Ms. Greck will be there Saturday afternoon from 2:00pm, Ms. Bronisas will be there Sunday from 10:00am until 3:00pm, and Mr. Ladue will arrive later Sunday afternoon and pick up any remaining material
    • ---Discussion of possible activities/membership incentives/attractions: Mr. Segal suggested a raffle, Ms. Greck suggested a bird feeder as prize, Mr. Segal suggested a Farm Bureau gift basket, Mr. Segal stated that a ticket should be handed out for any donation with no monetary value assigned to the ticket; Mr. and Ms. Ladue believed they had raffle tickets to donate.

  • Water Matters Day
    • ---Mr. Ladue reported he sent in paperwork requesting a space adjacent to the Farm Bureau.
    • ---Mr. and Ms. Ladue volunteered to be there all day.
    • ---Mr. Ladue and Ms. Greck planned to communicate on the success of the raffle at the Orange Blossom Festival to possibly do something similar at Water Matters.
    • ---Ms. Greck looking at other items.

    VIII. New Business:

  • No new business
  • IX. Comments/Concerns/Announcements

    • ---Membership list- Ms. Bronisas is looking and volunteered to contact Peter Nolan to see if anything Marcy Nolan had is still available. Mr. Ladue stated that he might have a briefcase containing more records.
    • ---Membership renewals- tied in with getting the membership list records organized. Mr. Segal suggested getting the easement publishing complete as an outreach and renewal aid.
    • ---Farm Park easement- no update. Mr. Segal said the property has closed and Rick Case is donating the property back to the Town, and suggested that the Land Trust follow up to determine who is going to maintain the property if it does go back to the Town.
    • ---Question about the Land Trust PayPal account- Mr. Bartlett to check and report.
    • ---Question about location of documents containing 501(c)(3) paperwork, articles of incorporation, and bylaws. Once located they should be online.
    • ---Suggestion for next meeting: objectives and goals.

    X. Time and Place of Next Meeting:

  • Suggested: Davie's Best Pizza at 6:30pm on April 8
  • XI. Adjourn

  • Move to adjourn by Mr. Bartlett, seconded by Mr. Ladue, unanimous voice vote, adjourned at 7:43pm
  • August 19, 2019

    I. Call to order: 6:24pm at Davie's Best Pizza

    II. Roll Call: John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Eduardo Tkacz, Michael H. Bartlett.

  • Public in attendance: Kathleen B. Dempsey
  • III. Approval of February meeting minutes

  • Tabled until next meeting
  • IV. Treasurer's Report

  • Current balance: $17643.36
  • $533 in cash and checks given by Mr. Ladue to Mr. Segal, accounting for donations received at Water Matters Day and the Orange Blossom Festival. Includes membership renewal from Judy Paul at Land Guardian level. Note: acknowledgement and thank you letter to Mrs. Paul mailed August 23, 2019
  • Motion to receive and file Treasurer's report made by Ms. Greck, seconded by Mr. Ladue, passed unanimously.
  • V. Secretary's Report

  • Directors and Officers insurance- no private insurance available, multiple providers declined based on size, history, and especially lack of employees. Ms. Greck commented that D&O could confer legitimacy and suggested pursuing it through the Land Trust Alliance. Mr. Bartlett noted that the LTA indicates that they can possibly assist but that our membership status has not been verified. Mr. Bartlett to check and follow up prior to next meeting. Mr. Segal asked about our liability as we now hold easements and we need to establish what our exposure could be. Ms. Greck asked about the long-term viability of the LTA.
  • VI. Old Business

  • Mr. Ladue had a question about the fee schedule for the Oak Park easement, was there any documentation on the payment schedule, easement fees, fee structure, and was there any information from Mr. Holste at the Town of Davie? Mr. Ladue said he would go back to his notes concerning the meeting where the fee structure was discussed.
  • Mr. Ladue brought up DALT presence at the Orange Blossom Festival and Water Matters Day- thought that Water Matters was better exposure, and the Orange Blossom festival was more demanding for little return. He stated that the bird feeder did not generate much membership interest but that most of the money came from Orange Blossom and the bird feeder was an incentive. Ms. Greck stated that anything visible drives people to a donation. Mr. Ladue stated a desire to come up with something other than our presence to generate interest. Mr. Segal stated that Project Stable has moved and will no longer be with us in the tent. Mr. Ladue asked for ideas for booth: frisbees, or kites. Mr. Segal suggested gamer activity and that we need more people. Mr. Ladue agreed with the difficulty in getting people interested. Mr. Segal suggested developing and presenting a program where people can find out about the Davie Area Land Trust. Mr. Bartlett suggested that what interests people is a cause or issue, something that affects people and something they can rally behind. Ms. Greck stated that what we do is not active, and that prevents us from being of interest to other people.
  • VI. New Business

  • Mr. Ladue set the next meeting for Monday, October 7, 6:00pm at Davie's Best Pizza
  • Mr. Ladue requested ideas for the Annual Meeting. Mr. Segal said the Farm Bureau annual meeting will be the second week of November, and that a possible conflict existed as the Broward County Fair will be held at Gulfstream and earlier this year but after the annual meeting. The Farm Bureau will have an educational tent and DALT could possibly have a static display there.
  • Mr. Ladue discussed how to help Mr. Segal with logistics and suggested the October meeting agenda should include further discussion on the plans for Orange Blossom and Water Matters, and the Oak Park fee schedule. Mr. Segal suggested the Orange Blossom Festival could include a beanbag toss, a frisbee golf setup, fishing rod and reel, camping tent, cooler, or a 7-person teepee as possible prizes. Booth attractions- toys or other items with DALT logo, Mr. Ladue suggested inexpensive sunglasses or stuffed animals.
  • Ms. Greck left at 7:14pm
  • Mr. Tkacz asked for ideas before he goes to Peru in September as company giveaways were a possibility.
  • VII. Meeting adjourned at 7:21pm

    October 7, 2019

    I. Call to order:6:15pm at Davie's Best Pizza

    II. Roll call: John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Fred Segal, Judy Paul, Michael H. Bartlett

  • Public in attendance: Kathleen B. Dempsey, Richard Ramcharitar, Crystal Pool
  • III. Public comments: Mr. Ladue welcomed Mr. Ramcharitar and Ms. Pool and offered them the floor. Mr. Ramcharitar resides in Southwest Ranches and is building a home, and indicated his interest in running for Council in SW Ranches based on his concern about the future direction of SW Ranches. He mentioned his concern about the elimination of agriculture and farming, a fading rural lifestyle, and advocated for an equestrian and agricultural and rural lifestyle. He wants to protect small farmers, fish farmers, and is an activist for farming. Mr. Ladue spoke and stated that as a 501(c)(3) organization the Davie Area Land Trust cannot participate in any political activities, and that Land Trust goals are to preserve open space, agriculture, the equestrian heritage, and habitat. Mr. Ramcharitar expressed an interest int DALT's objectives and said he would consider membership.
    Ms. Pool said she was interested in preserving habitat and open space, and wanted to learn more about the Davie Area Land Trust and opportunities for conservation and environmental protection. She also wanted to see Southwest Ranches preserve its rural heritage.
    Mr. Ladue thanked both of them, referred them to the website, and hoped they would both join and continue to atttend meetings.
    Mr. Segal, addressing Mr. Ramcharitar and Ms. Pool, mentioned that state statutes are clear that a municipality can't regulate agriculture, and that the barn fire fees are an example- non-residential farm buildings are exempt from fees and codes. There are new construction exemptions for pole barns and barns valued under $10,000 from assessement of fire fees. Barns over $10,000 can get a fee assessed- but not on the barn, but on the land; and that a fire fee on the whole property will likely get challenged. Mr. Segal has attended Southwest Ranches meetings and his opinion was that the council could benefit from better advice concerning agricultural and equestrian issues relative to state law. Mr. Ramcharitar agreed.
    Ms. Pool hoped for government grants to protect historic barns, and Mr. Segal responded that that kind of action is consistent with the goals of the Davie Area Land Trust. Mr. Bartlett reiterated Mr. Ladue's statement that the Davie Area Land Trust does not have any political interest or take any political stands or actions. Mr. Ramcharitar responded that he wanted to learn more about the DALT mission and farming act rights. Mr. Segal suggested Mr. Ramcharitar look into Farm Bureau membership, which as a 501(c)(5) organization can participate politically. Mrs. Paul spoke about the DALT mission and that a key element is holding conservation easements restraining development, easements which exist in perpetuity.

    IV. Approvalof Minutes: Motion to approve February minutes made by Mr. Segal and seconded by Ms. Ladue, approved unanimously. Motion to approve August meeting made by Mr. Segal and seconded by Ms. Ladue, approved unanimously.

    V. Treasurer's Report: Mr. Segal reported a current bank balance of $18,189.32. Ms. Ladue moved to receive and file the bank statement given to Mr. Bartlett, seconded by Mr. Segal, approved unanimously.

    VI. Secretary's Report: Mr. Bartlett reported that Alliant, recommended through the LTA, had provided a ballpark estimate of $1600 per year for Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance including general liability. This was the first company which expressed any interest. The general consensus was that was an acceptable number and to pursue this and get a formal quote. Mr. Segal also indicated that the Davie Area Land Trust should be listed as additionally insured on the Oak Park easement, Mr. Bartlett to follow up on that. Mr. Ladue had forwarded information concerning the easement fee structure to Mr. Bartlett but it had not been reviewed and will be by the time of the next meeting.

    VII. Old Business:

  • This year's Annual Meeting will be held November 4 at 6:00pm at the Flashback Diner in Davie. Both the Farm Bureau and the Friends of the Farm Park were contacted about joint events but both organizations preferred to host their events on their own. Board member elections and renewals will be held. According to the most recent information available, all Board members and Officers are up for renewal in 2019.
  • Mr. Segal will forward Broward County fair dates and information about the possibility of a static display. Mr. Ladue has a backboard and brochures and will take advantage of the offer if possible.
  • The Orange Blossom Festival will be the last weekend in February, so February 29 and March 1. Mr. Segal said there would be room for DALT in the Farm Bureau tent.
  • Water Matters Day will be March 14.
  • Mr. Bartlett to arrange to pick up the 501(c)(3) paperwork from Mr. Ladue.
  • Discussion continued on ways to increase membership.
  • VIII. New Business

  • Discussion was held on the current legal troubles at the Bonnet House, referring to news stories about the conflict between the Bonnet House and the Florida trust. The general consensus was to monitor the situation but that it did not appear that there was any way for DALT to become involved at this time.
  • Annual meeting set for November 4, reminder to be sent to members, Board, and Flashback to ensure that space was available and reserved.
  • IX. Adjourn: Mr. Segal moved to adjourn, Mr. Bartlett seconded, approved unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 7:40pm

    December 2, 2019

    I. Call to order: 6:23pm at Flashback Diner

    Roll call: Fred Segal, Michael Bartlett, Uri Tkacz, John LaDue, Linda Greck

    III. Approval of October minutes: Motion made by Mr. Segal, seconded by Mr. Tkacz, approved unanimously.

    IV. Treasurer's Report: Tabled until next meeting. Received membership renewal check from Ms. Greck for $100.00.

    V. Land Trust Alliance (LTA) status: Mr. Segal reported he had not received an invoice at the time of the meeting. Ms. Greck reported contact and had sent renewal letter to Board mailing list in October. Discussion to research and adopt LTA best practices and possibly pursue accreditation.

    VI. Board membership: Mr. Segal made a motion that Ruth Bronisas and Jacqueline LaDue be nominated to the Board for three year terms. Ms. Greck seconded, passed unanimously.

    VII. Officers: Ms. Greck made a motion to retain the current slate of Officers for one year. Mr. Segal seconded, passed unanimously. The 2020 Davie Area Land Trust Officers will be Chair, John LaDue; Vice-chair, Linda Greck; Treasurer, Fred Segal; and Secretary, Michael Bartlett.

    VIII. Fee structure for easement maintenance: Mr. Bartlett read the email thread. Mr. Segal stated that DALT still needs to schedule a meeting with David Quigley or Philip Holste from the Town of Davie. Ms. Greck stated that Mr. Holste would be the best approach. Mr. Bartlett directed to contact Mr. Holste by phone to set up a meeting between Mr. Holste and Dalt board members.

    IX. Orange Blossom Festival/Water Matters outreach: Ms. Greck stated that raffle is a good program. Mr. Tkacz offered sunglasses, stickers, and other items from the Miami Heat. Mr. LaDue suggested a basketball net in concert with the Heat theme, throwing ping pong balls into a cup or net. Mr. Segal may have a shooting gallery game, possibly with lasers, and stated he will look later. The general consensus was to come up with something interesting to attract people to the DALT booth and display.

    X. Documents: Mr. Bartlett received Land Trust documents from both Mr. Ladue and Ms. Greck and will begin the scanning process.

    XI. New Business:

  • Orange Blossom is February 29 and March 1, 2020; and Water Matters is March 14.
  • Ms. Greck to create a letter for the public email list updating them on activities and easements.
  • Mr. Segal asked if all easements were properly filed.
  • XII. Next meeting: Monday, February 3, 6:00pm, at the Flashback Diner

    XII. Move to adjourn: Ms. Greck, seconded by Mr. Tkacz, approved unanimously.