Meeting Minutes

Preserve open space
Davie, Florida


February 5, 2018

Called to order 7:15

In Attendance: John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Eduardo Tkacz, Fred Segal, Linda Greck

Treasurer's Report: $12,952.82; + $2,000 yet to be deposited. Move to accept Linda; second Jacqueline.

Old Business:

  • A.Windmill - Look for savings account at Wells Fargo


  • A. Orange Blossom will take place on February 24-25
  • ----1. We will try to make some new boards for the easements
  • ----2. In discussion of a photo both and novelties

Meeting adjourned at 8:25

March 12, 2018

Called to order at 7:20pm

In Attendance:Michael Bartlett,John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Fred Segal, Linda Greck

Treasurers Report:

  • $17,564.44; plus $64.00 from Orange Blossom and $37.00 37 from Water Matters Day
  • --Move to file Michael Bartlett, second Linda Greck.
  • --Send letter of acknowledgement for the money sent to us.

Old Business:

  • Easements
  • ---1. Post the information for the easements on the website.
  • ---2. Reach out to Davie for more information about the easements.

New Business:

  • Adopt "Standards and Practices" as sent by the Land Trust Alliance- condition of membership- motion made to approve and adopt by Michael Bartlett, second by Linda Greck. Unanimous consent by all present.


August 6, 2018

Called to order at 6:50pm

In Attendance:John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Uri Tkacz

Treasurers Report:

  • $17,701.80; Fred Segal

Old Business:

  • Easements Fee Structure
  • ---1. If environmental services required the property owner is responsible for expenses.
  • ---2. 1% of land value is based on 80% of market value
  • ----Example- property value is at $250,000/acre would be valued at $200,000. 1% fee = $2,000/acre
  • -- 3. Min. fee $1,000/acre or portion thereof
  • Motion to approve from Fred Segal, second by Uri

New Business:

  • Annual meetings


October 8, 2018

Called to order at 6:50pm

In Attendance:John Ladue, Jacqueline Ladue, Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Uri Tkacz

Treasurers Report:

  • $17,771.87

Old Business:

  • ---A. Easements
  • ---1. Annual Meeting at the Davie Womans Club

New Business:

  • B. Broward County Fair
  • ----1. November 16 December 2


December 3, 2018-Annual Meeting Agenda

I. Approval of minutes - October 8, 2018

II. Treasurer's Report

III. Old Business

  • ---Conservation easements- status

IV. Election-Board of Directors

  • ---1. Nominations
  • ---2. Election (membership vote)

V. Election of Officers (board vote)

VI. New Business

  • ---1. LTA membership renewal
  • ---2. 2019 OB Festival andWater Matters
  • ---3. Operations, objectives, and goals

VII. Comments and Suggestions

VIII. Adjourn

December 3, 2018-Annual Meeting Minutes

Call to order at 6:23pm, at Geronimo's, Stirling Rd. and University Dr, Davie

In attendance: John Ladue, Eduardo Tkacz (Uri), Fred Segal, Debbie Segal, Linda Greck, Michael Bartlett, Ruth Bronisas

Motion by Linda- DALT to pay for members' dinner- second from John, passed unanimously

I. Approval of minutes

  • --A. Approval of August 6, 2018 minutes. Motion by John, passed unanimously
  • --B. Approval of October 8, 2018 minutes as corrected (easements, fee structure review). Motion by Fred, passed unanimously

II. Treasurer's Report

  • --$17,730.68. Move to accept as corrected- motion by Fred, passed unanimously

III. Old Business

  • --Conservation easements
  • ----A. We need a letter that states our fee structure for all future easements. Linda will draft
  • ----B. We need to get together with Phil Holste to review what has been recorded and what has not. Michael Bartlett will do that.

IV. Election-Board of Directors

  • ---A. Board of Directors (3-year term)-John Jacqueline, Ruth. Motion to re-elect by Linda, seconded by Uri. Passed unanimously.
  • ---B. Officers (1-year term)- John, President, Linda, Vice-president; Fred, Treasurer; Michael, Secretary and Web Master; Jacqueline and Ruth, Assistant Secretaries. Motion by Fred, second by Uri, passed unanimously

V. New Business

  • --A. LTA membership renewal- Motion to renew by Michael, second by Linda, passed with Fred opposing
  • --B. Orange Blossom Festival and Water Matters Day- we plan on participating and having a presence in both. John will inventory our t-shirts and other fundraising tools

VI. Comments and Suggestions

  • --A. Operations, objectives, goals, location of meetings to encourage public participation- Discussion
  • --B. Ruth will email DALT membership list to Michael
  • Next meeting- Monday, February 4, 2019. Place to be determined.

VII. Adjourn- 8:00pm

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Bronisas, Secretary