Preserve open space
Davie, Florida


January 5, 2009

Meeting Called to Order – 7:20 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Chair Linda Greck

Minutes Approved – Annual meeting December 1, 2008 with addendum of volunteer list for S W 8 Street Park, AKA Liberty Park to be attached. Motion Joyce Steward, 2nd Doris Monier. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report - Balance as of December 1, 2008, $7,060 with all outstanding bills paid. A very generous donation of $500 was made by Fred Segal which is included in this balance. Fred Segal, Treasurer, informed the Board that new requirements by IRS will require Form 990 to be filed, Form 8734 no longer is required to be filed.

Discussions –

  • LTA acknowledged DALT renewal membership.
  • DALT advised member Diane Feinstein has moved from this area.
  • Business Plan postponed to January meeting.
  • Water Matters Day is March 14 and DALT will have a booth.
  • Possible outreach day for Earth Day on April 22. Discussed a possible presenter for organic gardens, vegetable gardens and raised beds for growing plants. Research to be conducted for the possibility of free tree giveaway. Other suggestions for agencies to do presentations would be solar power and irrigation systems.
  • DALT will have a booth at the Davie Orange Blossom Festival February 28 and March 1.
  • New tee shirt designs are being planned and information regarding pricing will be offered at February meeting. A professional photographer that has wildlife artwork will be sought. Board agreed a series of 4 individual wildlife designs would be used for variety on the shirts.

Motion – Motion to nominate Ruth Bronisas to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors made by Joyce Steward, second Linda Greck. Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 9:20.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Linda Greck, Fred Segal, John LaDue, Eduardo Tkacz, Judy Paul, Doris Monier, Ruth Bronisas, Joyce Steward

February 2, 2009

Meeting Called to Order – 7:20 p.m. Robbins Lodge by Chair Linda Greck

Minutes approval postponed – until March 2009 meeting

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer absent, no current report

Orange Blossom Event – DALT will share a tent with Town of Davie. Location will be more east than in previous years, closer to Davie Road. Discussion was held regarding new design tee shirts to sell. Artist Heather Green has agreed to allow DALT to pay for the use of 2 of her photographs of wildlife to be used on tee shirts. She has also agreed to be present at the DALT booth for the purpose of selling her artwork. She has agreed to give DALT 15% of her sales as a contribution. Linda Greck and Joyce Steward will complete the details for ordering the shirts using 2 designs that were selected by the attendees at the February meeting. 36 to 48 shirts will be purchased for an initial order. Pricing for sale will depend on the cost of the shirts. A schedule was made for manning the booth and help is needed to cover the times we are scheduled for the event. Orange Blossom Festival is Feb 28 and March 1, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Linda Greck should be contacted by any volunteers that can give their time. Wagon Wheel coffee will also be available for purchase at DALT booth also with a portion of the sales being donated to DALT.

Water Matters Day - Doris Monier is the contact person for DALT’s participation in this event March 14 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Tree Tops Park. Coffee and tee shirts will be available for DALT to sell.

Spring Egg Hunt – April 11 event sponsored by Town of Davie. Discussion was held about possibly having the windmill ready for dedication for this event but consensus is that time is too short. Plans will be made for 2010 Earth Day dedication of a windmill by DALT. Davie invited DALT to have a booth at 2009 Egg Hunt event at Robbins Lodge. If personnel can commit to manning the booth, the arrangements will be made. Any person that can give even 2 hours is to contact Linda Greck to offer their time.

Meeting Adjourned – 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

Attendees: Ruth Bronisas, Doris Monier, John LaDue, Linda Greck, Joyce Steward

March 2, 2009

Meeting Called to Order – 7:05 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Chair Linda Greck

Minutes approved – January 5, 2009 and February 2, 2009 meetings – motion Fred Segal, 2nd John LaDue. approved unanimously.

Orange Blossom Festival event – bags of coffee were not available for sale at DALT booth due to conflicts for the supplier. A Western High School student served community service hours at the booth. 28 shirts were printed with the art work of Heather Green to be sold. 14 sold. 14 remain in inventory. Cost of 28 shirts was $261.93.Cash received at Orange Blossom from sale of shirts, mini frisbees, Heather Green donation and donation jar was $261.00

Discussion was held regarding offering new merchandise to draw people to the DALT booth in the future. Also, discussed was the possible sharing of tent space with the Farm Bureau as an attraction to draw potential donors/members.

Water Matters Day – March 14, 2009. Volunteers for manning the booth are Doris Monier, John LaDue, Linda Greck and Joyce Steward

Meeting adjourned 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Ruth Bronisas, Doris Monier, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, John LaDue and Joyce Steward.

April 6, 2009

Meeting Called to Order 7:25 by Chair Linda Greck at Robbins Lodge.

Minutes approved for March 2, 2009. Motion to approve John LaDue, second Judy Paul

Treasurer’s Report – Balance March 1, 2009 $7,107.32. Expenses last paid $261.93 for tee shirts, $43.00 credit card charges.

Old Business

  • Credit card fees have increased considerably and chair Greck is exploring reducing the fees with the vendor. John LaDue offered to donate his processing for onsite transactions at our events but is not able to offer service for the website sales.
  • Fred Segal will investigate the PayPal system once again and report back. Suggestion made to check out GoDaddy.com for credit card sales
  • Press release has been submitted for new Board member Ruth Bronisas.
  • Water Matters event booth – receipts were $86.00 for donations, tee shirts sales and Heather Green artwork sales. DALT appreciates the time the volunteers spent manning the booth.

New Business

  • Prices for embroidered hats to sell will be explored.
  • Discussion was held regarding the new Adopt a Park program thru the Town of Davie and a Motion was made by Judy Paul, second by John LaDue, approved by all, for DALT to adopt the Liberty Tree Park on S W 8 Street. DALT supports preservation of parks and open space thru conservation easements and future discussion will be held on pursuing that goal.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Linda Greck, John LaDue, Ruth Bronisas, Judy Paul, Doris Monier, Joyce Steward

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

June 1, 2009

Meeting called to order – 7:20 p.m. at Robbins Preserve by Chair Linda Greck.

Motion to approve - minutes for April 2009 meeting, John LaDue, 2nd Judy Paul

May meeting consists of meeting notes only due to lack of quorum

Treasurer’s Report – Balance as of June 1, 2009 $7,072.37. Message sent to cancel credit card processor, confirm receipt before June 4. PayPal information – Fred Segal advised a special rate of 2.2%, 30 cents per transaction. No monthly or minimum fees for 501(c)3

Liberty Park – grand opening – DALT has adopted this park. Chair Linda Greck will speak at ceremony. FPL will sponsor a sign and refreshments. Work day scheduled prior to make sure the area is neat and cleaned. Workday is June13 at 9 a.m.

Meeting schedule – Motion made to cancel meeting for July – John LaDue, 2nd Ruth Bronisas. August meeting same as scheduled. September will be 2nd Monday (14th) due to Labor Day holiday. November 2 is annual meeting. Windmill approval will be attempted for that date. Discussion was held regarding location of windmill.

Town of Davie Craft Fair for fall 2009 is still on the agenda for a DALT presence.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Linda Greck, John LaDue, Ruth Bronisas, Judy Paul, Joyce Steward

August 3, 2009

Meeting called to order 7:40 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Chairman Linda Greck

Guest introduction – Cliff Traver, Ft. Lauderdale resident. is interested in information for setting up a land trust and interested in DALT. Self introductions were made by those in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report – Balance as of 8/2/2009 $7,072.55.

Credit Card processing - merchant account confirmed closed. Pay/Pal account has been activated.

Windmill Project – status of progress – Chair Greck to meet with Davie town staff within next week to continue the approval process.

Davie resolution for land conservation easements - a resolution prepared for Town council agenda 8/19/2009 read by Mayor Judy Paul includes the open space parcels in Davie to be designated as conservation easements with DALT assisting in the research of the properties. Chair Greck will confer with LTA for backup resources. Discussion followed.

November Craft Fair - Ruth Bronisas will be coordinator for this event. Discussion regarding packaging baskets with giveaways accompanying a new or renewed paid membership.

2010 Meeting schedule – MOTION by Judy Paul to keep First Monday of each month as meeting date at Robbins Lodge, second by Fred Segal

Discussion regarding the use of Great Value toolbar on the web for a contribution of 10 cents per click to go to DALT, no payment required by nonprofits. Further discussion and decision postponed to a future meeting.

Discussion regarding problems with phone message on DALT phone line. Chair Greck will look into problem and resolve.

Judy Paul advised of new volunteer program in Davie area for barn watchers. Similar to Crime Watch to protect livestock and report questionable activity, needed in response to recent problems in the Dade County area.

Fred Segal advised of new HB 7157 provision for Department of State forming a database of land trusts with a mission to hold conservation easements.

Water Matters Day – scheduled for March 13, 2010.

Meeting Adjourned 8:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary

In Attendance: Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Joyce Steward, Ruth Bronisas, Judy Paul, Cliff Traver

October 5, 2009

Meeting Called to Order by Chair Greck at 7:30 p.m. at Robbins Lodge.

Minutes approved – June 1, 2009 motion by Judy Paul, second Fred Segal. August 3, 2009 motion Judy Paul, second Fred Segal

Treasurer’s Report – Balance as of 10/5/2009 $7,207.55

Windmill Project update – John LaDue met with Dennis Andresky, Davie staff, for approval on location. Advised that all windmills are affected by Florida standards in place and an engineer’s approval is required for permitting. Obstacles will be explored for resolution.

Conservation Easements – Resolution R2009-192 was adopted by Town Council on 8/19/2009 and read by Chair Greck to DALT membership. Discussion was held regarding DALT part in implementing the clauses in the resolution, namely DALT will provide results of research of possibilities for 3rd parties that could be capable of holding and defending the conservation easements. Chair Greck advised that LTA is considering offering an insurance defense fund for such a circumstance. As members, DALT could participate in that insurance so long as DALT paid the required fees. It was agreed by all that proper language to be placed in the easement is critical. Doris Monier volunteered to work with Linda Greck on the research and Fred Segal will reach out to his sources for further information on language for easements and possibilities for 3rd party entities.

November Davie Craft Fair – DALT will have a presence Nov 21 and 22. Ruth Bronisas will be the point person for this event. She will approach Davie regarding waiving the entrance fee for our presence. Baskets will be made to sell with memberships. Donations of items for the baskets are encouraged.

Tool Bar Fundraiser – discussion is postponed to a future meeting

LTA renewal –Motion by Joyce Steward to renew membership, second John LaDue

Shenandoah Festival – volunteers from DALT are needed to distribute brochures and answer questions about DALT from a spot in the Farm Bureau booth October 17 10 am – 4 pm

Annual Meeting – scheduled as a Holiday/Annual meeting for December 7, 2009 at Robbins Lodge.

The position of secretary will need to be filled at the November 2, 2009, meeting.

Meeting adjourned – 9:05.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary.

In Attendance – John LaDue, Judy Paul, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Joyce Steward, Ruth Bronisas, Doris Monier. Guest Phillip Holste, Davie town staff.

November 2, 2009

Meeting Called to Order - 7:30 p.m. at Robbins Lodge by Chairman Linda Greck

Minutes Approved with spelling correction of attendee’s name. Motion Fred Segal, 2nd Joyce Steward.

Treasurer’s Report – current balance $7,207.55


  • Shenandoah Festival – good overall turnout for event but weather hampered people from remaining. Brochures were handed out and information given but no donations received.
  • Craft Fair – Ruth Bronisas is point person. Linda Greck will request waiver of vendor fee. Ruth will assemble baskets of memberships for sale. Possibility of hand made jewelry to sell at booth in addition to remaining tee shirts.

Windmill project – Town will not approve a permit with existing plans. Local engineer will be contacted for possibility of revising the plans for 140 mph wind. Also, possibility will be explored for waiver of permit because of agriculture use.

Annual Meeting – December 7, 2009, 7:00 p.m. at Robbins Lodge. Election of officers will be held for coming year 2010. In lieu of catering, board members will bring covered dishes.

Website - some discussion was held regarding changing the website format. A decision was postponed to a future meeting.

Conservation Easements – Suggestion was made to do a presentation to Town Council including reviewing the Broward County easement criteria, suggest language for a conservation agreement and informing Council that a historical legal doctrine of merger states that property owner cannot hold their own conservation easement. A list will be compiled of potential agencies that could hold easements. Research continues.

Discussion was held regarding a request for assistance from a local resident for a conservation easement in connection with a Montessori school.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.

In attendance: Ruth Bronisas, Doris Monier, Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Joyce Steward, John LaDue

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, Secretary.

December 7, 2009

Meeting Called to Order 7:20 p.m. at Robbins Lodge

Self introductions were made by attendees followed by a buffet dinner supplied by attendees.

Minutes Approved for November 2, 2009 meeting. Motion by Fred Segal, 2nd by Doris Monier

Treasurer’s Report - balance remains the same.

LTA - membership fee of $225 for renewal paid by Fred Segal as a donation.

Chairman’s Report - Linda Greck, chairman, reported on DALT status and activities for the past year. DALT reached out to sources of LTA for information to help form a report to present to Davie Town Council regarding the placement of conservation easements on open space parcels for preservation. Liberty Park was adopted by DALT as part of the Davie Adopt a Park program. Chair Greck thanked the officers and members of the past year for their support.

Craft Fair - Ruth Bronisas reported that a total of $141.00 in receipts were from the Davie Craft Fair.

Windmill - the architectural drawings were submitted to an outside engineer for review. Fred Segal also indicated a request for waiver of the requirements for wind resistance should be pursued to obtain a permit.v

Election of Board of Directors - two BOD members terms expire 2009. Motion by Joyce Steward, 2nd by Judy Paul to renew terms for Doris Monier and John LaDue. Unanimous approval. Motion by Doris Monier, 2nd Ruth Bronisas to add Patricia Bouchette as new member of BOD.

Election of Officers - Nomination of Linda Greck for President by Joyce Steward, 2nd Judy Paul. Elected unanimously. Nomination of John LaDue for Vice President by Linda Greck, 2nd Joyce Steward. Elected unanimously. Nomination of Ruth Bronisas for Secretary by Joyce Steward, 2nd Judy Paul. Elected Unanimously. Nomination of Fred Segal for Treasurer by Judy Paul, 2nd John LaDue. Elected Unanimously.

Meeting Schedule - DALT meetings for 2010 will be held the first Monday of each month at Robbins Lodge except for Labor Day which will be September 13, 2010.

DALT Goals and Objectives -

  • - Increase memberships - possible sources are Naturescape residents and habitat stewards registered thru Broward County.
  • - Form an honorary board
  • - Establish a work day for Liberty Park

Discussion took place with an attendee regarding conservation easements and the possibilities for the Davie Montessori school should parents purchase an adjoining parcel to the school.

Meeting adjourned 9:20.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Steward, outgoing Secretary.

In Attendance: Linda Greck, Joyce Steward, Fred Segal, John LaDue, Judy Paul, Erica Rubio, Ruth Bronisas, Patricia Bouchette, Doris Monier, Fouad Monier