Meeting Minutes

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Davie, Florida


February 5 | August 5

February 5, 2020

Meeting with Town of Davie: Discuss status of easements and fees

Attending: Town of Davie- David Quigley and Phillip Holste. Davie Area Land Trust: John LaDue, Fred Segal, Linda Greck, Michael Bartlett

Discussion:Discuss framework for fees- how the current fee email was created, whether it applies to total acreage or just the conservation easement areas, LTA tie in. Modification to Temple View coming before the Davie Town Council on February 19. Received backup from Mr. Holste. Eye towards establishing procedure for next easements. Change in Temple Mount easement locations, compare to existing maps. Received binder with documentation to digitize. Suggestion would be to have the Board meet before the 19th Council meeting to agree on something to give Phillip.

August 5, 2020

Monthly meeting: Virtual, held using Zoom, all Board and Public members noticed through email lists

I. Call to Order: 6:04pm

II. Attending: John LaDue, Linda Greck, Fred Segal, Eduardo Tkacz, Joyce Marie Steward, Michael Bartlett

III. Discussion: Mr. LaDue had called the meeting to test out everyone's ability and ease with Zoom and planned it informally, but as we had a quorum the meeting was called to order. Attendee's status and dealings since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic was discussed.

IV. Treasurer's Report: Current bank balance- $17,835.92. Mr. Segal reported that the only expenditure in the relevant time period was the Sunbiz filing fee.

V. Old Business

  • -- Ms. Greck enquired about the LTA membership and Mr. Segal and Mr. Bartlett confirmed that it had not been renewed to date. Ms. Greck made a motion to renew the LTA membership, Mr. Tkacz seconded. A unanimous voice vote approving the motion passed.
  • -- Mr. LaDue and Ms. Greck discussed the status of the fee structure and decided that Ms. Greck would contact the Town, possibly starting with a call to Mayor Paul. It was generally agreed that establishing the fee structure and making the Town aware remained a priority.
  • -- Mr. LaDue reported that he still had the bird feeder which was going to be awarded at Water Matters Day, which was cancelled due to COVID-19
  • -- Mr. Segal mentioned that he had heard of a virtual Water Matters Day which might include a tree giveaway.

VI. New Business

  • -- Annual Meeting: Mr. LaDue asked Mr. Segal what we should be doing to ensure compliance with our bylaws, and Mr. Segal responded that a Zoom meeting would be possible. Mr. Tkacz suggested in-person. Ms. Greck remarked that as the Farm Bureau meeting would be held independently we are free to set our own schedule, and that right now we should focus on a meeting date and not be concerned about how to hold the meeting. Setting an agenda and a date and postponing the virtual vs. in-person decision was generally agreed on.
  • -- Mr. LaDue started a discussion about development in Southwest Ranches. Ms. Greck brought up the possibility of an easement on property currently under development on Shotgun Road. Mr. Segal mentioned that Broward and Dade Counties are still significantly restricted compared to the rest of the state of Florida.
  • -- Ms. Steward asked about the current relationship of the Davie Area Land Trust and the Town of Davie. Mr. LaDue responded that the Town continues to be willing to work with us.

VII. Next Meeting: Scheduled for Monday, September 14, on Zoom, at 6:00pm

VIII. Adjourned 7:10pm